Ways To Promote Brands And Business Using Custom Patches

You can never do too much when creating brand awareness and promoting business. Together with the use of social media marketing, custom-made patches can do some magic for brand promotion. According to research, logos are the most recognizable brand identifiers at 75%. About 50% of customers are more likely to patronize brands with recognizable logos.Continue reading “Ways To Promote Brands And Business Using Custom Patches”

Customize Your Gift Ideas With Sublimation Printing

Everyone loves sublimation printing. If you disagree, you probably don’t know what custom sublimation printing is. One classic example of cool sublimation designs everyone has at home is that special mug with a funny print that we all have and are very attached to. Sublimation is the name of the technic used to print awesomeContinue reading “Customize Your Gift Ideas With Sublimation Printing”

Sublimation Vector Design Services For T-Shirt

Are you tired of your beloved t-shirts getting damaged or faded? Then you may consider switching to sublimation printed shirts. This unique design technique provides elaborate images that never fade! But first things first. What exactly is sublimation designing? Sublimation printing involves heat-reactive dyes and high temperatures in order to transform the dye into a gas.Continue reading “Sublimation Vector Design Services For T-Shirt”

Why Wilcom Embroidery Software Is Leading The Digitization Industry

The digitization of industries is growing rapidly, and only the strong will survive. The global digital transformation market is estimated to reach $1,009.8 billion from $469.8 billion (2022 to 2025). According to executives, digitization improves operational efficiency by 40%, increasing customer satisfaction, and general output. As a significant player in the digitized embroidery industry, Wilcom embroideryContinue reading “Why Wilcom Embroidery Software Is Leading The Digitization Industry”

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Vector Art Company

There are many benefits to working with a professional vector art company. When you partner with a company specializing in vector artwork, you can be sure that you will get high-quality, accurate images that look great when printed. Vector art is perfect for print-on-demand companies, and it is essential to work with a vendor whoContinue reading “Benefits Of Working With A Professional Vector Art Company”

Embroidery Machine Speed Guide For Quality Embroidery Design

Embroidery machine speed matters not only for production but also for the quality of your design. Depending on whether you’re using a home machine or a commercial machine, you’ll have a different range of speeds to choose from, but this doesn’t mean that the quality will be the same at all speeds for all typesContinue reading “Embroidery Machine Speed Guide For Quality Embroidery Design”

Custom T-Shirt Illustrator Vector Art Ideas For International Women’s Day

Do you know what magic can vector illustration exhibit? Have you ever wondered how beautifully different points of a triangle or rectangle can come together to create an inspiring structured image? In simple terms, geometrical shapes are printed on different types of fabrics in the form of digital illustrations. Just think of one such imageContinue reading “Custom T-Shirt Illustrator Vector Art Ideas For International Women’s Day”

Women’s Day Embroidered Gift Ideas For Special Women In Your Life

A woman is the pillar of strength of the family. In the many roles that she plays, she is nothing but the most important element for each member of the family. Why she deserves all the love, care, and importance every day, women’s Day is an interesting way to make a thoughtful act for the special womenContinue reading “Women’s Day Embroidered Gift Ideas For Special Women In Your Life”


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